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Nissyros hotel

Nissyros hotel

Jess kandalaft
October 24, 2017
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Inspired from the mediterranean island of Cyprus, Nissyros is a new beach hotel with an identity that reflects the cycle of summer in the world of Nissyros, the imagery briefly explains the concept and how the patterns emerge from the logo to create a soft and simple identity, specially tailored for Nissyros.

The summer experience of Nissyros is portrayed through the style of the branding identity, through the vibrant blues and the twists in the logo, reflecting the cycle of continuous summer vacations and the loyalty side that is found at the heart of Nissyros family.

Adobe Illustrator:
after having done a couple of sketches, with several ideas in mind, Illustrator is the best software to bring your logos to life, from a rough idea into something digital and vectorized, then the anchors and tools do the trick ?
Adobe Photoshop:
I use this software to work on the mock ups or simulations that showcase the brand.

I've been to Cyprus many times and this island always seems to charm me, I was happy to get a chance to work on this project and the client was very pleased with the result, this is the first phase of collaterals, so hopefully when I receive more material I will update this project with more input!

jess kandalaft

Designer based in Beirut.

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