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NJORD Organic Restaurant

NJORD Organic Restaurant

Nicklas Hellborg
December 20, 2016
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N J Ǫ R Ð R - A restaurant concept that combines organic ingredients, seasonal and local products with "New Nordic Cuisine" in mind at affordable rates.
The saying "Dig where you stand" will serve as guiding principles for the restaurant and provide evidence of how to usefully employ and rely on local producers and commodities.

The look & feel and range of both the menu and restaurant will change with the nordic seasons and local raw materials availability. The concept will also convey accountability, promotion of animal welfare, sustainable production and eco-awareness. The customers will quickly be aware of that it doesn’t have to be expensive to eat or maintain a healthy lifestyle, a relatively unique combination in this restaurant segment.

The short travelled food will be delivered with a story of its origin and transformation between seasons will be clearly represented in the menu with . Regional, sustainable and economical food is three of Njord's most important ingredients.

The name Njord stem from Norse mythology and is a god over the ocean, weather, shipping and fishing which alludes to the Nordic roots and gives a clear association to agriculture, it also means power and strength in Old Norse. All of this insight combined with seasons and elements is what builds up and defines the organic logo. The design reflects the Nordic climate, origin, and sustainability.

The whole project ended up with a clear moodboard, a complete brand manual, magazine ads and outdoor advertising.

I have received a lot of positive feedback on this project and people really love the simplicity of the design and the details the seasons bring to menu. It is a restaurant concept that constantly changes because of regional and seasonal products that dictate the.

Nicklas Hellborg

I’m a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer and Art Director from Sweden. Currently based in Oslo, working at one of Norway’s top advertising agencies, SMFB. I have almost 6 years of industry experience with advertising, visual communication and design. I’m ambitious and passionate about everything creative – especially print, branding and typography for both new and existing brands . So far I have been fortunate enough to work with clients such as DIESEL, Diadora, Geox, Tine and Freia to mention a few and I have also been the lead designer for IKEA Norway since 2011.

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