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No 1 - Men's Razor

No 1 - Men's Razor

January 6, 2017

The first task at the Stuttgart academy for art and Designs Industrial Design course asks the students not to reinvent shaving, but to design a different way of it. Every student had to design a razor, packaging and a project documentation.

No 1 - Men's Razor 3d-printed from bronze steel. In elegant packaging.

A Project is like a journey. There is no sudden idea but hours and hours of asking the same questions over and over again. The breakthrough can be sudden or subtile. The Form came to me through dozens of models and hundreds of sketches. The Style is influenced by ergonomics, logic and practicability. Material and manufacturing process are influenced by the form etc. This project, as all others, is a journey.

From many sketches, I went into polyurethane models and digialized them with rhino to get a perfect symmetrical model. Through various stages of test printings in plastics I came up with the final form.
The final product is printed from bronze steel; the razor combines female form and male material. Slender and heavy.

Design takes a lot of effort and dedication. Good Ideas don't come flying by but have to be worked through.
There is no solution coming to you, it has to be found. The Project receives quite some attention lately what makes me proud and keen on more projects.

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