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No Time to Back in Time Posters

No Time to Back in Time Posters

Durim Hoti
May 14, 2018
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No time to back in time Posters

Inspired by other designers around the world, I set to myself the challenge to create a poster every day, for 365 days.
Posters do not have a specific theme, each poster differs from the other, because mood and inspiration vary from day to day. But I'm trying to express what it feels inside. Most of the posters contain a saying that expresses my emotional state.

There is nothing more impressive than to challenge yourself to create every single day because finding time, willingness, and inspiration to create every day above all requires a lot of discipline.
Since the first day I started I set a goal to my self, that I would have no limit and let me mind free and to explore as much as I can with my creativity.

These series of posters are filled with vibrant colors, 3D, typography treatments, and shapes. Each of the posters has a quote which is the designer's way to express his thoughts or the mood of the moment.
Basically Im using the Adobe Pack softwares and a lil bit of 3dMax.

I received a lot of comments in fact, a lot of people are asking about the technic I'm using and also about the process it self. I just feel very well that there are so many people who found their self in my work.

I will keep updating this project everyday. So stay Tuned.

Check out project in the link below :

Comments, critics are always welcome.
Have a nice day

Durim Hoti

My name is Durim Hoti, born and raised in Kosov), a colorful place of rich history, tradition and a bright vision for the future.
I graduated in Polis University in Tirana with Bachelor degree in Art and Design and Master Degree in Applied Desing.

My inspiration to work comes from the place I was raised in, the place I have studied in and all the other places I have visited so far. Being a designer for me is my passion, my works and projects
have the power to reshape the reality we live in, this is what makes my work so exciting and give me the strength to go further.

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