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Bálint Szalai
February 12, 2017

The Noah faucet is a simple and practical product with a unique, unusual use. The product line includes a faucet and a freestanding tub filler. This tap is an innovative, hygienic, environmentally sound and entertaining reconsideration of a trivial object. The name of the product alludes to the female name Noa, which means “movement” or “motion”.

The project was made for a bathroom product design competition which required a new design approach to a traditional faucets. I was inspired by the Japanese water fountain, the shishi-odoshi. I wanted to capture the magic of this item and bring it into our bathrooms, keeping it as simple as possible, adding only some minor details to make it more exciting.

The research was so important part of the design process, I spent a lot of time to collect information about the topic. Then I had a strong vision in my head so I started sketching these ideas. For 3D modeling I used Rhinoceros and the final renderings were created in KeyShot.

The Noah concept won a Bronze A’Design Award and it was a shortlisted project in the BraunPrize 2015. And I got positive feedbacks from all around the world after some websites had published my project. I realised that these responses are really inspiring me, so if you have any comments, please don’t hesitate.

Bálint Szalai

Bálint Szalai is a Product and Furniture Designer based in Budapest. He graduated at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Hungary at the faculty of Product Design.

See more of his projects on Behance.

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