Nosh Restaurant Branding

In an age where cutting-edge is growing dull, contemporary comfort take us back to a simpler time. Located on the leafy slopes of Rochester Park, Nosh brings to mind the rustic, specialising in contemporary comfort food that brings a modern perspective to a romantic, pastoral setting. A time when the hustle was slow; the hustle was a rustle; the rustle was of leaves in the breeze. Rural yet urbane, it’s the perfect young gentleman from a bygone time, the dapper farmer’s son two barns down the footpath. We gather when we escape from our chores. The memory of that simple meal, like words etched into the trunk of a tree, will stay with us. Those moments are golden.

Hand-pressed type is practical, like heavy equipment that somehow made our efforts lighter. Yet handwritten text is sincere, expressing feelings we saved up for this special moment – will you meet me for a meal? The logotype is impactful, with considerable visual weight, like a beam that hangs above us, or the curve of a sturdy branch. Cursive handwriting brings an artisanal touch, a practised hand. Rustic stamps have been added as the address marker, continuing a constant visual line. Dark green is the colour of leaves, of foliage, even a lush rich quilted fabric, like a comfortable suit made for a Sunday picnic. Applications of fabric and craft paper unifies this entire concept. The application of leaves and foliage as the main pattern is delicate, yet bold. It’s like the time when we sat beneath the trees and ate. Our suits and dresses felt heavy, yet light; our conversations were sincere.

We started with pencil and paper, sketching out the details of the logo, graphics and layout. We went back to basics, and handwritten the content, hand-pressed the collaterals. Lastly, we used Illustrator to tie everything together and send it for production.

The comments were kind so far. Many appreciated the hand-made elements used in this project. We would like customers to break away from the daily hum drum, slow down and enjoy the little moments in life, to fully experience the world of Nosh. As brand developers, we learned that our job is to reinforce and change perceptions, through meaningful design.

Yuanhong Chin

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