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"Not a Virgin"

Willy Gomez
November 23, 2018
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The variants of a person, where someone can be totally beautiful and sweet, but has a dark side that few know and can see. The mystery in the lost looks that do not let us know the reality of their being

Ideas always arise from how I feel at this moment. The style or influence is Art Nouveau. The colors that I use are vibrant and very contrasted, but I try to have a harmony between everyone, creating a balance between

Illustration created in the Adobe Illustrator Draw application for Ipad Pro. I am learning to use it, so be patience. Like every illustration I make, the process is basic to each creation: sketch, structure, base and details and small details :)

I like that when people see an illustration of me, each person has a different story of it. As if each person sees a reflection of themselves in them.
What I have learned is that feelings are transmitted in everything we do.

Do the ones that turn you on, not what suits you.

Willy Gomez

Art Director Sr. / Illustrator
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