Notch by Nicholas Baker

This wonderful tableware collection is a must-have in your kitchen or coffee tables. We have seen these table pieces before, but what makes this design stand-out are the additional features – they are intuitively designed and conceptualized. Check them out and enjoy!

The Notch collection, inspired by the elegant functionality of Scandinavian design, brings simple solutions to the table. I designed each item to have an additional feature.

– Nicholas Baker


The salt and pepper have easy pouring and filling nozzles.

– Nicholas Baker



The creamer has a lid that also lets the user adjust the flow of cream.

– Nicholas Baker




The sugar bowl simply has a spoon on the end of the lid for quick scooping.

– Nicholas Baker


Each piece was slip cast, then fired in a matte black and a gloss white to add tactility and contrast to the collection. This collection was a collaboration with Umbra.

– Nicholas Baker


Check out this video.


Nicholas “Nick” Baker  is a designer and a maker. He loves to build clever things and create beautifully unique experiences that solve simple problems. He aims for the “why didn’t I think of that?” moment and thrive in dynamic environments. Born and raised in North Carolina, he started making at a young age with his grandfather in the wood shop. He finds that so much more can be discovered from experiencing the world hands-on. He is now currently designing and making in Fort Worth, Texas.

See more of his wonderful artworks in Behance and his website.