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Nothing Crazy | Just Bright

Nothing Crazy | Just Bright

Bobby Davis
March 1, 2017
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This project is the end product of a reduction process. From my current inspiration stream, I pulled out two big fishes: Ex Machina and Westworld. As a way to manifest my own mood of that nature, I used my skills to build this project.

I came up with the idea from looking at design cues within my current scope of inspiration. Starting with nuggets, expanding to an ideal vision, then refining to the balanced end product. The iterative process of refinement was crucial, and it was necessary for me to have the over-designed version so I could see everything I was trying to community, then take away what isn't vital to get the message across.

Most of my ideas generate first from the mind, then live on paper, and finally become immortalized through a 3D representation or physical model.

In this particular project a lot was figured out on paper. Being able to quickly understand the proportions I was shooting for was helpful. Being slow in the 3D world could have been a disadvantage.

From the little I did share, there was an overwhelming support. Though I must consider that my friends and family are biased. I looked to Instagram for critique but soon found (at my level) people are more supportive than critical.

I learned a great deal about detail reduction, texture, and scale.

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