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Notting Hill

Notting Hill

Carlos Tavares
October 18, 2018
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This project is based in the architecture that you can find in Notting Hill, London. This neighborhood has its very own vibe due to the lovely houses that you can find over there, must of them painted in pastel colors.

The idea of model these houses came after a trip to London in 2016 and walked in Notting Hill. The style is the pure form of these houses and the color is based in the variety of pastel colors of the original houses.

I used Cinema 4D for modeling and rendering. I started with primary forms from the beginning and later this forms were distort to asume its final form. I added sky light and some textures to the houses to make it a bit real.

In 3D you are always learning something, in this case discovered that I am very into 3D architecture modeling, because you design your own space where you'll place the primary forms of the composition, mixed with the texture of every figure and the light that is esencial in every 3D render.

Carlos Tavares

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