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Novia en Pantalones / Bride on Trousers

Novia en Pantalones / Bride on Trousers

Nicolas Bascal
August 5, 2016

"Bride on trousers" is a project that started from a proposal of cotoure desinger Jorgelina Vidaurreta. After contact her she suggested using a concept of a new collection that she was making. Right away we could start on the project that took us approximately 3 months.

Photography and Retouching: Nicolas Bascal
Model: Jessy Kucich
Make up: Gisela Guerrero.
Cotoure Desinger: Jorgelina Vidaurreta
Patagonia, Argentina.

The idea came up from the bride dresses with trousers that Jorgelina Vidaurreta was designing, and also, from the idea of Gisela Guerrero creating the atmosphere for an outdoor photoshoot. As we were thinking in a transgressive woman, the one that take the control of her life, her job, her relationships, etc, we felt the need of making a not "daydream" place. As opposed as the typical princess bride, this is a bride who is in a messy place that also simulates a construction site.

We choose doing it at a chroma key studio because we thought the green colour would help to contrast the different type of fabrics, as well as highlight them. So we took all the objects to the studio that the Patagonian University Institute of Arts (General Roca City, Rio negro, Argentina) gave us.

The Editing programs that were used for this are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Some shadows and highlights were retouched, a texture correction was made on the skin and the chroma key's walls, and, finally, the colorization of shadows was made. Each one of that were made with different steps and proceses.

The project had a very good response from the audience, who were as well as surprised. The people get amazed by the make up, the design and the style everytime they see the photographs. A lot of people think that the photographs should be in a magazine so we looking forward for that to happen.

Every photoshoot that i make usually take a few hours and i get a lot of time for preparing each element, but this time we only have two hours for doing the make up, setting the lights and taking the pictures so this was really challenging for myself but also, really nutritious.

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Nicolas Bascal

I was born in 1992 in Cipolletti, Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina. From an early age I loved it relate to other people, and even today, I've saved millions of moments in my interacting with me who will cross ahead memory. The photographs are memories for me.
I started with photography because I studied Media Arts, Film and New Media and so I have a deep love for film, and indispensably for still photography.
As need to work, there was no other way which would appeal than the picture, so I started working in social events such as birthday parties, weddings, etc.
Very soon I come my passion for fashion and advertising photography; as well as documentary photography, digital retouching and design.
- I love doing a little of everything, always with dedication, passion and great responsibility!
So I make videos, I edit, I make youtube videos and tutorials, I do animations, motion graphics, I like to teach on post production, sing, play instruments, I love to eat a lot and I am fascinated by many things!
I live in Argentina, and I expect mobility to work anywhere in the country.
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