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NUKA | eternal pencil

NUKA | eternal pencil

Evgenija Medvedeva
February 1, 2019
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Nuka eternal pencil is a pencil that could be used for centuries. It feels almost like an ordinary one but never ends. The pencil writes with the metal tip which oxidizes the paper. The pencil is pressure sensitive, which allows writing thicker and thinner lines by applying more or less pressure.

Nuka pencil was born not coincidentally: both founders and an industrial designer have been old stationery fans, so they saw problems and the durability lacks of traditional pencils. The design team creates this eternal pen inspired by the everlasting universe and endless space. This innovative timeless product breaks through the barrier of time and brings eternity to your fingertips.
This technology makes pencil inkless that automatically allays fear of blurred ink drops, spoiled notes, and dirty hands.
No sharpening or lead refining needed. The shaft of the pen is made of anodized aluminum which is super soft. The pencil is able to survive in any extreme conditions - sub-zero temperatures, rain, underwater etc.

We used sketching as a primary language for capturing thoughts, exploring ideas, and then sharing those ideas. After that we used Solidworks to 3d-modeling, and Keyshot for visualization. Finally we used Photoshop to make some details on the visualizations and photos.

This innovative timeless product changes the stationery market and the lives of all stationery addicts - nuka pencil is a necessity and accessory at once for y & z generations. Pencil’s design is the embodiment of modernity and classics. It is perky and calm at once.

Evgenija Medvedeva

One comment on “NUKA | eternal pencil”

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