Nutella / STRIPE

I love Nutella, my girlfriend loves Nutella, everyone loves Nutella, right?
But unfortunately, the existing packaging is not portable, it is not convenient to use outside the home, or on a trip.
Then I began to think about how to make Nutella a product that can be consumed not only in the kitchen but everywhere.

There were several tasks:
– Facilitate packaging by removing the glass
– Make compact form
– Get rid of the use of cutlery

I chose soft, doypack packaging for compactness and lightness.
It is also easy to squeeze Nutella out of such a package without having to open the package.
Next, I modeled the neck of the package, which would form flat stripes of chocolate without the need to smear it with a knife or spoon in the future.
Then I made a cap with the expansion of the outer side, for the stability of the package in an upright position.
And in the end I made a chocolate ribbon logo in the form of a handwritten font to emphasize the idea of portability and ease of use of packaging.

First, I modeled soft packaging in the right proportions.
Then he designed the neck and lid of the right size so that the entire object is stable.
Everything was done right away in 3D.

To design the packaging, I needed a unique logo, I wanted to make it “live”,
so after drawing the vector version, I modeled it in 3D, a little dented,
as if made from chocolate paste.

After the logo was made, I began to visualize the entire object from different angles.

In my environment there are many people who love nutella.
Therefore, after the first sketches, I immediately began to show them an idea and ask what they think.
Everyone noted that this is a more convenient solution.
Especially people were glad that with such a design it would not be necessary to wash knives and spoons)

Stas Bordukov

Hi there!
I’m a graphic designer and a CG artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
In my works I try to be as free as possible in ideas and decisions. I often resort to experimentation and relate to design as an art that is born within competitive market relations.
My goal is to remain primarily a design thinker who is interested in finding a design solution for life

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