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Irena Ilic
July 18, 2017
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Nutri.Doctor are two applications meant for the Nutritionists and their patients. The project consists of a mobile app for the patients and a web app for doctors. Instead of wasting a lot of time by going to the doctors and making lists and plans for your meals, everything you need will be in your smart phone device.

Imagine if you didn't have to spend time planning your meals in advance everyday! solves this by sending you notifications reminding you when to eat and along with it it provides you all the nutritional values of your food of choice.

Both applications are easy to use, and make everything easier to do, from creating a file, to calculating nutritional properties, to shopping for groceries according to a dietitian's program.

This is a project made for a client. The best thing is that he gave me very few instructions and he let me develop this idea further. His only impute was that it has to be fresh-looking since it's food-related. After doing a little research about this subject, I decided to use variations of blue and green with a lot of white filling. This needed to be simple-looking but very easy to use.

Since this was a new project I needed to start from the logo design and branding identity, which I created in Adobe Illustrator CC.
Both the mobile and desktop app are very complex and they have a lot of pages each so the next step was to create great UX. I used the UXpin for the wireframes creation. UI is partially done in Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.

The client was more than happy with the result. He actually stated: "Talent and good taste -- she is a heck of a stylish designer, tuned into the latest, most visually attractive trends in the world of design (particularly for web and mobile, but also logo design and branding)."
The project received a lot of attention on Behance and Dribbble as well.

I started my journey as a graphic designer in McCann Erickson and along the way I discovered the whole field called UX/UI design. From that moment I knew that this is something I wanted to do and I gave my best over the past years to improve my craft and to understand the latest trends in order to make an impact into applied design.

Irena Ilic

I am Irena, UI/UX designer from Serbia.

After several years in Creative Digital agencies I am currently making my way as a freelancer. With an excellent adaptability to different environments I am driven to finding challenges. Keen on acquiring skills and knowledge, I design with an intent to deliver innovative and effective design solutions that adds value to a clients business.

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