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Oblique: Watch Concept for Fastrack

Oblique: Watch Concept for Fastrack

Mahesh Lokare
November 27, 2018
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Fastrack is India’s foremost youth accessories brand. As the outstanding amongst other offering brands in the field of wristwatches in India, Fastrack wants to reform their product scope of analog wrist-watches, so that it will coordinate with changing youth choices and trends. To comprehend the client brief, we directed statistical surveying, individual meetings and trend analysis in the age bunch 15 to 24 teenage girls. In the wake of exploring and mapping research, we conceived three personas. The themes were, 'Constructivist', 'Neoteric' & 'eccentric'. As per final response to visual cues, I dealt with 'Neoteric' theme for further watch idea conceptualizing.

The research gave us the following insights,
• Watch is not just for seeing time but a style statement
• It should be minimal and simplistic in appearance and comfortable
to wear
• It should be premium looking and budget friendly
• It should make them feel confident and empowered
• Watch is an accessory which camouflages with the personality and compliments their skin tone.

The coolness of the Fastrack brand is maintained with color and uneven profile of the dial. The dial has up and down contour. The theme is bringing the essence of teenage relationships. Teenage don't care for tailing somebody, however, they are making their own identity and path. 'Oblique' as the product name gives a sense of an individual's identity. The speckled texture supports the modern theme & big roundabout dial adds boldness to the watch.

The user and product attributes I considered while designing watch are 'stylish', 'bold', 'trendy', 'loud', 'futuristic' & 'edgy'. The ideation sketches are developed as per moodboard. In order to see the results, I made 2D renders on photoshop, modeled watch concept on Rhiono3D and rendered in keyshot.

The color, material, and finish are inspired by the moodboard and user attributes. The contextual renders, packaging, and branding resolve the experience of the user while buying and using the watch.

Watch is not just for seeing the time or a wearable accessory, but it's an individual's identity. The watch concept is a combination of form, function, and emotion altogether. The emotional experience 'last long' in memory of the user. The watch design follows three levels of design, which are VISCERAL (appearance), BEHAVIOURAL (effectiveness of use) & REFLECTIVE (memories).

Mahesh Lokare

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