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Obscure Divinity

Obscure Divinity

Emily Dixon
January 20, 2022

Obscure Divinity is a project I have been working on and off for about thirteen years. All illustrations are concepts, although some characters have permanent designs. The story follows Judith and Atlas on a journey of discovering their identities after years of solitude and abuse.

Obscure Divinity was inspired by watching the movie Angels and Demons when I was twelve. I have developed a love for the macabre and religious imagery over the years. There is also much color theory in the story, as I am a big fan of colors and their meanings.

Illustrations were made mostly on Adobe Photoshop CS6. But when it comes to the chapter illustrations, compositions are thought out on paper for each important scene that has been highlighted in the writing. First, the chapter illustrations are roughly colored in black and white, then adjusted to find the right feel of the environment.

Although Obscure Divinity is not like most graphic novels on the internet, it has gotten praise from friends and family. Even strangers have offered to help with the editing and refining process. Atlas seems to be the most loved character.

Obscure Divinity is an ongoing project and will be for a while. Chapters one through ten are written. But only chapters one through six have illustrations.

Emily Dixon

Emily M. Dixon is an illustrator and creative writer based in south-eastern Michigan. She has been drawing since she was seven and, at the age of twelve, found her love for storytelling. Although wanting to go into animation, she figured illustration is a better suit.

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