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Mariane Silva
March 10, 2017
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Octo is a Premium Spiced Rum flavored in 3 versions - Original Rum, Orange, and Blueberry. Octo is a tribute to pirates stories and their adventures under the sea. The premium aspect is given by the use of colors in hot stamping. The black bottle, the photographic elements, and the modern font also helps to create an astounding atmosphere of this scary place and its dark mysteries.

We like to start our projects using a major element as a base to then continue with the choice of colors and ambiance. In Octo's case, the main choice was the tentacle of the octopus which, besides being in an interesting position, has a unique and lively color that helped in choosing the colors of the other flavors and choosing the hot stamping finish.

We use mainly Adobe Photoshop to treat images, to compose and to join all pieces together and Adobe Illustrator to create the vector elements such as the logo and text areas. We started with the photographic elements, then we created the logo and other text elements in vector and pasted at the artwork. We then applied in a fancy bottle mockup to finish simulating shadows and the hot stamping finish.

So far we have had a good acceptance of the project. We are pleased to be able to portray Rum with darker and more realistic images instead of using heavily used elements, such as the ship. This breach of expectation draws the attention of the public in a positive way.

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