Odini by Etienne Bougeot

Odini is a smart security camera. Unlike traditional security cameras which are often static, intrusive objects, Odini is a discreet mobile solution. Let us take a look and be inspired with this design. Read on and enjoy!

Odini is smart in the sense he is able to analyse a situation, staying hidden in a safe place while he is noticing if there is a threat or not. He is playing kind of a musical statue game in order to never be spotted and react differently if he knows or not the person he is recording. If he spots someone he has never seen before, he will send you a notifcation with a picture of the scene.

The current security camera are rarely filming with the right angle and are most of the time far from the action. Odini is able to move close to the action and film with the right angle without being spotted.

– Etienne Bougeot

Creative workshop2

Odini facial expression - evil

Odini facial expression - Intrigued

It began, like many projects, with a discussion during a lunch. With some of my workmates we were talking about the last CES’ big trends. About the next big things like drones, the robotic, home automation, home security… etc. Then, we were kidding about the flying fairy Barbie toy which could be a home security drone flying around the house like a spirit. And then, even if it is a mad concept, I thought that as a designer I could come with a more elegant solution.

– Etienne Bougeot

Odini facial expression - sleepy

Odini facial expression - Wiling to play

It is pretty simple, and you can see it on the project. I was looking for a home security solution which is non intrusive and doesn’t look evil.
Basically I just didn’t want to make the Housing looks like a Military facility so I thought about something which move silently and which can’t be spotted if it doesn’t move and then the « hamster’s ball » has come quite naturally.

– Etienne Bougeot

Odini facial expression1

Odini facial expression2

Actually, Odini has been a really short project (7days). The most struggling part was to make the camera moving freely inside of a ball which is itself moving. But this can be solved by changing the center of gravity of the body I guess. The other day, we were talking about the feasibility of such a product and we came to the point that all the technologies are actually available on the market, they just have to be tested. Odini is still at the stage of concept so of course there are still a lot of challenges waiting to be solved.

– Etienne Bougeot

Odini hand

Odini Hero1

Odini Hero2

This project start with a joke so it didn’t get a proper design management dehind it or even any design strategy. It was really a creative open minded process, no cap during 5 days.

– Etienne Bougeot

Odini Sofa1

Odini Sofa2

About Etienne Bougeot

Etienne Bougeot is an Industrial Designer at DCA Design Internationnal Ltd. based in UK and a lot of things at COdsgn. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.