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Office Taiwan

Office Taiwan

Kevin Varszegi
May 20, 2018

Office Taiwan is a personal project that was carried out in my free time as a way of training and experimenting with new digital art techniques. From the beginning, the idea was to fusion two themes that are difficult to combine: office architecture inserted in a surreal landscape.

When starting any CG project, I consider that it is very important to have references. As this project was personal, it was easy for me to find them, since I had the freedom to choose the topics that motivate me.
The landscapes of Taiwan, China and Thailand are very inspiring. They are wonderfully surreal and exotic places, with steep green mountains, mirrors of water from the rice fields and lush vegetation. All of these natural elements, helped me to establish a relation between the architecture and the landscape.
Looking at the selected references, I was able to guess the color harmony that would helped me create a particular mood and atmosphere in my project. The choice was an analogous palette, with cyan as the central color, selecting the blue for shadows and yellow for highlights.

The modeling and scene was created in 3Dsmax with the V-ray rendering engine. It was illuminated with a Vraysun + HDRI. The Forestpack plugin was used for the grass and the background vegetation. Much of the work was then done as post-production in Photoshop, mainly to accentuate the lighting, reflections and specular passes in the materials. But above all in this work I wanted to experience the techniques of Matte Painting to create steep mountains and add dirty textures that expressed the passage of time.

In general, the project was highly valued and helped me lift the portfolio to attract new clients.
The rewarding thing about this profession is that in each project I learn something new. This creative process made me take key decisions about design, composition and color harmonies, which allowed me to know myself a little more for future works.

I highly recommend doing these kind of personal practices, which are very comforting for 3D artists. From time to time, it is interesting to face a project without limits of time or budget, and to experiment new techniques and new softwares. But above all, it is a good exercise for creativity.
Arq. Kevin Várszegi
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kevin Varszegi

Architect of the UBA, Argentina.I dedicate to the visualization of 3D architecture.I love my profession, and I have my study of ArchViz: Vz Studio -- Behance

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