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Ohm Coffee Table

Ohm Coffee Table

Cheng Hannjian
April 22, 2017
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The OHM is a coffee table that is inspired by Malaysian Chinese Oriental Culture. To blend in with modern interiors, and industrialized look is implemented but the patterns remain the same. A cyan color table top represents the youth that inherit the culture and tradition of Malaysia's Chinese. OHM 是一张受东方文化花纹灵感而设计的咖啡桌子. 它的作品是以简洁和精工细作的手工焊接著称在设计方面,咖啡桌面则以蓝绿与黄色以示青春活力!

My objective of this design is to promote diversity in Malaysia, as a Chinese born in Malaysia, we have our own culture. The design is to bring out the youthfulness in traditional furniture pattern, i.e. the cyan table top whereas the stainless steel structure symbolize the oriental pattern that lift up the young generation to carry on with the tradition and never to let it deplete.

The tools I used to create my artwork is McNeel Rhinoceros as a 3d Modelling software, the renders machine used is Chaos Group V-ray. The technicals and specification is prepared by the 3d modelling software. The prototype of this model is then produced by a clean steel company, Delichem Sdn, Bhd.

During the exhibition held in Salone Satellite 2017, Salone del Mobile, Milano. The audience and visitors appreciate and open up their eyes to know more about diversity in Malaysia. I've achieved my objective in this design, that people can understand more about Malaysia, and Malaysia BOLEH!

Cheng Hannjian

Industrial Designer pursuing Interior Architecture in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

One comment on “Ohm Coffee Table”

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