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Ola Poke

Ola Poke

Puro Diseño
January 12, 2021

The Hawaiian word "ola" translates to: life, health and well-being. This new gastronomic space reflects the tropical and peaceful vibes of Hawaii in each corner. Through combinations of flavours, textures and colors, Ola Poke offers dishes capable of adapting to any taste, inspired by the customs of the native Hawaiians. The personality of the brand revolves around the "Ola State", a lifestyle inspired by the spiritual vibes transmitted by the art of surfing: you always catch waves at the peak of their natural life, once they have fulfilled their destiny is when the trip ends.

On this project the clients got involved on the concept creation which made the project unique. This project was specifically inspired by the surf culture, where we can find a lot of stickers and graphics on the surfboards, t-shirts and beaches; that was the reason to have so many logomarks, but in the brand book we specify which one is the main logo, which are the logo variations and which are simply graphics that are present thru the brand. The goal is that the client understands the brand guidelines of their business.

Our main software/tool is always Adobe Illustrator for creating the graphics, the we use Photoshop to present the design thru textures and mockups. At last, we take the photographs of the printed brand applications with a professional camera and proceed to retouch them for our portfolio.

We had a really positive response on this project, at first we thought people might get confused with the branding elements but the combination of graphics, colors and textures made the project visually attractive. From this project we learn to go with our gut ant the graphic risks, it's okay to make your own rules if that will translate to a defined brand personality.

When your client is willing to be a part of the creative process, take that advantage to make the project something unique with their point of view, at the end they will feel part of them on the brand and it 'll become more personal at the long run.

Puro Diseño

Hello everyone! We are Puro Diseño, a branding studio based on Mérida, México. At the moment we are unintentionally an all women company.

We’ve been blessed enough to work on this creative field for 5 years now, and we’ve learned that every team member is unique and powerful, we are so grateful for everyone that makes @purodisenomx what it is today. We believe every project, every milestone and all the accomplishments we’ve had are because of the passion each member brings to the table.

We translate everything into creative language; for us, design comes from every little moment that shapes our life.
Are we passionate about design? Yes, you bet we are! And we are sure that this platform will continue to inspire us everyday.

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