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Old Extension by Krzysztof Wolski

Old Extension by Krzysztof Wolski

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November 14, 2015
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A stone building is a very classic and nostalgic piece of architecture. But, a stone building with a modern touch is even better, and this is what Poland based art director Krzysztof Wolski did. A classic stone church with a modern twist, now, let's see his amazing work!

​Stone buildings always have a charm for me, and when I thought about testing my skill in exterior visualization, the decision was was really obvious. After a deep research, I found an architecture forum containing the information I needed, so I decided with the modernization of old church in Spain. I immediately fell in love with it. ​I noticed​ ​its potential and so I made the it. It was really elegant.
-Krzysztof Wolski


In this case I didn't have other inspiration than the existing building .. in 3d I can always decide the look of the world, I can change it according to my mind. I think this is the freedom of creation that should be guided by the artist. The main inspiration of color, was night and dusk, when the lights shine tighter and warmer, the sky is more contrasting and dramatic. Here, the biggest issue was create realistic stone walls, from the beginning of the work I knew I needed a paint map with mixing textures and some hand painting individual for this project.
-Krzysztof Wolski


​​At the end​​ I mixed displacement​,​ a little hand​ made textures​ ​and ​geometry modifications to get final effect​ in post-production​. I really had a lot of pleasure creating this project. It was relaxing and challenging.
-Krzysztof Wolski


About Krzysztof Wolski

Krzysztof Wolski is a 24-year-old CGI artist from Warsaw, Poland. He's been in the graphics field for over 7 years and 5 in the industry. During this time, he constantly studies new techniques and met a lot inspirational people who influenced his style and skills. In creating something, he always try get something new and achieve technical perfection. ​Obviously with different results, but that's what him discover his style. See more of his works on Behance or his website.

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