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Old House by Bingnan Wei

Old House by Bingnan Wei

Honey Adraque
July 31, 2015

Bingnan Wei is a fresh illustrator who draw a series of artworks about Beijing, the city that she lives in. And the Old House is one piece of it. Read on and enjoy!


In Beijing, we call narrow lanes 'Hutong', it's written as '胡同' in Chinese. The houses and courtyards on either side of the Hutong are called 'SiHeYuan' which is written as '四合院' in Chinese. Some of the HuTongs were built nearly 700 years ago and people are still living here. HuTong and SiHeYuan in Beijing are full of stories. They represent the culture of Beijing.

Though I didn't grow up in Beijing, it walked into my heart as soon as I came here. It's a city with long history, and when I walk through the narrow lanes between the old houses I can feel the countless stories happened there. That's the cause of this series of artworks. I want to draw the buildings which have history and stories, because they are the memory of the city.

- Bingnan Wei

Old House-001 Sketch

Old House-003 watercolor

Old House-002   final details


· I usually walk into the HuTongs and SiHeYuans to take a good look at them and feel the atmosphere, especially pay particular attention to the marks which are left by the people living there. Sometimes I take a picture of the buildings.

· I usually make a quick sketch on sketching book to make sure the composition and the dark relation are OK.

· Then I draw a more detailed version in pencil on watercolor paper.

· After that I use Technical Pen to draw the final details.

· At last, I applied the watercolor.

- Bingnan Wei

Old House-004 watercolor done

Old House-006 details

Old House-005 final


Pencil, Technical Pen, Watercolor, Watercolor paint brush, Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush.
- Bingnan Wei

Old House-007 details

Old House-008 details

About Bingnan Wei

Bingnan Wei is a fresh illustrator. She graduated from New Media majors and worked as a designer in a team. It took her a great deal of courage to make the decision to paint again as she already stopped painting for years and she didn't know if she can do a good job with it. She was lost at first so she made some counterdrawings of some illustrations that she liked and also made some portrait sketches of herself. She knew it's time to express something after she drawn them expertly. So, she decided to start drawing from the things around her. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile.

2 comments on “Old House by Bingnan Wei”

  1. I love to explore such illustration that depicts ancient history. However this is not historical but it gave me the great feeling of those old house design that built in previous century. Amazing work with great perfection.

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