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'OMRON' Automatic blood pressure monitor

'OMRON' Automatic blood pressure monitor

Abhijeet Yelve
May 25, 2021

OMRON 'CON-1992' is a conceptual digital blood pressure monitor designed to fit seamlessly into its environment.
The project is to redesign a blood pressure monitor that creatively communicates its function and doesn't intimidate its user.
In modern world, people begin to care more about their health. it is common to keep track on one’s daily blood pressure, especially for elder people. When choosing sphygmomanometer, most people choose digital ones against manual ones. The reason that people would rather use digital sphygmomanometer is because they easier to operate and to understand.

Problem statement : Many elder people choose digital sphygmomanometers against manual ones because they find difficult to operate. also they are confused by the set up of the BP monitors. However, they are quite afraid that the
digital ones are not as reliable as manual ones.

Solution : BP monitors should be easier to read. Also, they should consider that a lot of users are elder people, which means they are possibly having hearing problems or tremblings issues. Furthermore, it will be easier for a lot
of user can mark the numbers on the dial.

Form and shape: In the home environment, medical products require aesthetics more in line with consumer products. In appealing to consumers, shape and form has great importance.

Surface finish: With medical devices, surface treatment will affect how readily the device is able to be cleaned and disinfected. Fingerprints and smudges are readily seen on shiny, glossy surfaces, but it can be easily cleaned by using tissue paper or cloth whereas matt or rough texture will provide areas for contaminants to hide, also chance to accumulate dust.

Colour: Medical devices have a significant impact on that experience.Their colours should be calming and restorative, and they should be active and energising.
1. Quick Silver - Gray or Silver has a strong connotation of cleanliness, sterility and purity.
2. Milk white - White has a soothing effect. It’s generally thought of as being the most serene and calming.

Material: ABS is an essential material for many medical equipment manufacturing processes due to its performance characteristics, and its ability to be adaptable and customisable to meet specific needs. it is hard yet light weight.ABS can be easily moulded, sanded and shaped, while its glossy surface finish is highly compatible with a wider range of paints and glues.
ABS plastics takes colour easily, allowing finished products to be dyed in exact shades to meet precise product specifications. ABS is an essential material for many medical equipment manufacturing processes due to its performance characteristics, and its ability to be adaptable and customisable to meet specific needs. it is hard yet light weight.

To design a concept of blood pressure monitor, at beginning I used pen and paper for the form exploration and concept sketches. Ones the form has been finalised I used Rhino 3D (CAD software) to create a CAD model, where I was working on small details and engineering. Final CAD model took for the rendering (KeyShot), where I have selected particular materials, colour and finishes (CMF).
For making a presentation I used Adobe suits (Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop).

Design Process :
1 . Research - Primary and secondary research
2. Inspiration - Mood-boards, colour palette, user attributes
3. Ideation - Form explorations and Concept sketches
4. Concept - 3D CAD model and Render

People appreciate my work, they liked my concept which is compact and handy, even though the shape I have chosen which gives appealing and pleasant aesthetics look.

This was my first project from the house of medical equipment, I have learnt many things during executing the concept. For medical devices we have to be very specific while selecting the materials, colour and surface finishes, it plays a vital role in the medical field. On the other hand we have to take care of aesthetics as well, which do not make clutter. Products should be intuitive and easy to understand. Hygiene is the most important part of a medical device. So during this project I took care of all the above parameters which I have learnt from the primary research. 

Abhijeet Yelve

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