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On the RockS

On the RockS

Martín Costantini
August 4, 2017
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Many rocks or stones have been quiet over time. The years have passed and in its texture history has left its mark. Each of them is able to tell a story, a memory of something that was. The earth often clouds his sight, but not his memory.

Can you imagine a silent witness who has endured from the beginning and who has survived the time? In spite of their static, and the weight of their bodies whose gravity makes them sometimes immovable, the serene rocks see us, they mark us the rhythm of a path, sometimes they even interpose us having to dodge them, to jump them. And yet they are still there. They watch us from the foot of a mountain, or from the debris of a street ready to be paved.
For a moment I put myself in its place, and marveling at its curves, its textures and colors, I had no choice but to want to interpret them.

Sketches were made using pencils and paper.
After that, using Adobe Photoshop and a graphic tablet Wacom Bamboo creative i´ve digitalised
the handmade drawing using vector lines and digital colors.
It is important to maintain the characteristic features of the drawing by hand, these details enclose the spontaneity of artistic expression.

This project received good responses from the receiving public. They were amazed by the personality of the rocks, a detail few see.

The expressiveness of the stones or rocks, which inert and immovable remain in the same place is something interesting to imagine. They have been passive participants of events that surround them and despite having been quiet have occupied their role.

Rocks or rocks are part of the landscape, some people use them for violence, others simply ignore them, I think they have their aesthetic potential.

Martín Costantini

ilustrador y diseñador gráfico.

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