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One Kitchen

One Kitchen

Aylen Nahir Chein
December 27, 2022
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The project is a one-story kitchen in Madrid. It preserves a service area and a served area. The first, is materialized with dark wood, a stone of similar tones and the necessary artifacts for the functionality of the kitchen.
The second area is materialized with lighter wood, a large designer table with small armchairs with white corduroy.

I was inspired by the oak wood furniture, using tonalities and decorative elements with fine curves and fine style.

I used AutoCAD first, then Sketchup and lastly the 5d rendering engine.

The original design was shown as it can be seen. The service area was my greatest responsibility in the choice of equipment. I thought of equipment that would give that status and hierarchy to the place.

Aylen Nahir Chein

Hi! I am Aylen.
I want to tell you that I have been venturing into the field of architecture and design for more than 10 years. I am passionate about creating livable and comfortable spaces, projecting them in the detailed elaboration of 3D experiences.

I obtained training as an Architect, Superior Technician in Interior Design, and one of my greatest strengths is to capture the desire that the client brings behind each need.

I like to be methodical, I have a great passion for details and I am an expert in creating comfortable and fluid dialogue spaces to reach the goal.

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