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One Line Dancer by Jonathan Calugi

One Line Dancer by Jonathan Calugi

Honey Adraque
November 29, 2015
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This project is a series of one line drawing made for Artelinea, a luxury forniture brand, for a live show. Let us take a look and may this inspire you in your future projects. Read on and enjoy!

One line dancer because i'm try to explore from time the universe of less. In this case i worked for a luxury Italian brand called artelinea and i had te possibility to explore my universe for this live performance at cersaie in bologna.

- Jonathan Calugi



The story was just find a way to collaborate :) The brand it's colled artelinea ( artline ) and i'm working with line so we had the voluntary to do something in this way. This is the first step we just talk about new furniture for next salone del mobile in milano.

- Jonathan Calugi




This is a result of long time experiment and research. In past i worked a lot with vector and shape but i saw too many people doing the same stuff all together. I believe in the idea of less is more or more with less so i'm starting to explore my universe my connection what i love from art and i what i love from present. The simplicity. How you can recognize movement face and figure when there are nothing. This is what i love. Right now if you want to do something like my line work you could do but you have nothing from start because it's just my idea of balance one color and one line nothings more.

- Jonathan Calugi



The one line drawing start from the research of essence, everything start from sketch on paper after this refine on computer and after this create some hand made print. I love the idea of the error so i produce just by myself all my screenprint and each one have a different error from the other.

- Jonathan Calugi




I used pen, paper, and in computer just line tools in illustrator. I got the ideas from my passion. Art music and life. Every time when you do one line draw, the challenge is try to do more with less and the perfect balance. A little change made a big change in the design so every time i'm always not totally sure about the end and every end it's just another start. In my life to arrive at those a lot but for this work i had the pleasure to find people that believe in me :) so no revision.

- Jonathan Calugi



About Jonathan Calugi

Jonathan Calugi is an illustrator hailing from Pistoia, Italy. It’s nearly impossible to not recognize his signature style: what at first appears to be a child-like doodling, a closer look will reveal a world of intricate, carefully crafted patterns and eccentric geometric forms. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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