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One Week of Daily Illustrations

One Week of Daily Illustrations

Kenzie Cameron
June 11, 2016
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This project was something I started to get me into a more regular design schedule. I had no actual goals going into this one, just that I wanted to post something every single day. These things are still going on and come to life daily on my Instagram. They're fun, often bold, and dead simple.

Originally, I wanted these to be daily icons. I wanted something that would have me creating every day. In my mind, it'd help me progress plus it'd be a fun project. Well, the idea of icons got stale for me pretty quickly and it turned into daily illustrations. The style is minimal. I like to keep them bright, simple, and easy to take in. I use a consistent colour palette, the same colour three days in a row and then switch it up. This keeps my Insta feed looking fresh and organized. Plus, the added colour constraint keeps me thinking.

I only use Adobe Illustrator for these things. My process isn't the most productive, but I just open a new file at 24 inches x 24 inches and sit there for a bit staring at the screen. I rarely actually plan what I'm going to make in advanced, so there's a lot of time spent thinking and messing around until something sparks. Once I get an idea, I draw out whatever that may be in the simplest way possible. I generally don't even touch the pen tool for this series. Just basic shapes. I find it really cool seeing a bunch of circles and squares come together to make a scene.

The response has been positive. Starting out, I didn't receive much attention with these. But over time it's gaining traction. Funny enough, I've been trying to avoid what others think and focus on my own progression. If I focus too much on reception, I tend to illustrate these for an audience rather than for myself. I really do think that I have to be 100% happy with whatever it is a put out there before worrying what others will think. With that being said, I've learned a lot from this project. A lot. Making something daily has helped me quickly learn how to put these little illustrations together, each day I'm getting faster and faster with Illustrator. On top of this, since the objects are different every day I'm always thinking about how to best showcase said object. This keeps me thinking and learning about stuff like depth, lighting, and general direction of my artwork.

Kenzie Cameron

I'm a 21 year old graphic designer, podcaster, blogger, marketer, drummer, student, and wannabe from Cape Breton, Canada.

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