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Oni-Giri Brand Identity

Oni-Giri Brand Identity

Kyle Jacinto
February 20, 2022
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This was a project for one of my classes. I was instructed to create a branding identity for a company of my choice. My choice was a fictional Japanese fast-food restaurant. My challenge is to base the idea off of Japanese design elements, appeal to all ages, and must be adaptive for mobile applications and physical applications. Such as apps, ad campaigns, and packaging design.

The idea of Oni-Giri was a play on words. Onigiri translates to "rice ball" and Oni translates to "ogre". So, I put the two together and Oni-Giri was born. The design approach was to make sure I use at least a Japanese design element. One element that stuck out the most was the Kawaii (cute) element where it deals with round shapes, pastel colors, and slight, yet subtle asymmetry. Anything else is just a play on words with puns.

First, I roughly sketched the logo. The logomark was actually the most difficult to come up with. After going through twenty variations of expressions and shapes, I was ready to take it to Adobe Illustrator. My selected sketch was then refined by using the golden ratio design element. After finalizing the outlines, I have decided to go with pastel colors for my design. The usage of pastel colors evokes playfulness, cleanliness and freshness and also utilizing common fast food color palettes will bring something new and fresh to the fast-food industry. After that, I have finally finalized my logo and it's ready to be used anywhere. Any mockups are done in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

My classmates and professor were amazed. Even my friends were amazed as well. My professor even recommended that I get this branding identity submitted for a design competition. What I have learned in this project is that if you get exposed to a lot of cultures, the more you will grow as a person.

Thanks for viewing! Credits to Graphic Google and Freepik for mockups. Please follow me on instagram @roamin_designer and at Behance!

Kyle Jacinto

I am a college student in UTRGV pursuing a Bachelor of Graphic Design. I always push myself to become a better version of myself with each project. Whether being in the computer or on a simple piece of paper. I will rebuild myself from the ground up if I have to or die trying.

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