Oozoo ~ Oodles of Zest

Oozoo – Oodles of zest, is an omelet bar which serves custom filled veg and non veg omelet on the go along with the wide range of beverages. As the name suggest it is an attempt to provide healthy experience with ‘Oodles of Zest’ i.e. a lot of taste!
It’s a hypothetical brand created during a classroom project with an extensive set of collaterals.

In India, more than 50% of population is youth (17-30 years) who stay away from home. It majorly consist of students and job professionals who tend to miss their breakfast everyday which is the most important meal of the day.They end up consuming the junk food. Therefore, An Omelet bar which serves omelet on the go with custom veg / non veg fillings along with the wide range of healthy beverage options.
The color palette, form and style was generated keeping the characteristics of egg and omelet in mind. The fluid form indicates the fluidity of the egg yolk, which has been adapted in the wide range of collaterals as well. The look and feel of the brand is raw, fresh and joyful. Copy has been written using puns to create a playful and interesting interaction with the consumer.

The initial stage was basically the market research. Understanding the current market and trends made it easier for me to create a brand which satisfies the need of the target group. Later stages were creating flawless workflow, nomenclature and design. Workflow was created by trial and error method where as, nomenclature was the most difficult. Oozoo struck while understanding the characteristics of the product and the tagline “Oodles of zest” was something I wanted my brand to deliver. Design stage took a while. With number of versions and their revisions, final collaterals were created using Adobe suite (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign) and 3D model of the space was designed by me and created by a product designer friend, Parth Jain using Autodesk 3Ds Max.

While doing the market research, I realised that a lot of people love eggs and egg products. These people were my target audience. While working on the project, They were my first go to people. Whereas, they were also the ones who got super excited looking at my first draft of the Logo. They wish they could experience the same in real to relish their taste buds. They felt the brand looks very fresh and playful. Reacting positively and always excited since stage one, this project turns out to be one of my favourites (hopefully their too!) and it’s been a great experience as a design learner in terms of research, creating flawless brand strategy and understanding consumer/ target audience.

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Vedang Agnihotri

A Visual communication designer from Nashik, India, is a believer in ‘great things take time’. Vedang hopes to embark on his design journey through experimentation and intensive self-exploration.
He is particularly interested in Designing User Interfaces, Creating Branding Solutions and Publication.
When he’s not scratching his track pad, he likes to travel, watch movies and talk about people while sipping on a hot cup of coffee and hogging on some good food.