Operahof | Enschede | Netherlands

For a constructing company i had the opportunity to make 3D visuals from the exterior of this project.
The design is done by Beltman Architecten, I had no role in that.
But i was free to do the details of the visuals.

It is a commercial project so colors are mainly chosen by yhe architect.
I did not get involved by selecting bricks and colors.
The overall feel of the image is ofcourse done by me.
The enviroment is based on the real world and i added buildings from the internet.

The base of the model is done by Beltman Arhcitecten and they used Revit for it.
I used Blender to import the 3D model and added all the detail and materials.
For the render engine I used the Cycles render engine.
Offcourse I used photoshop to finish off the images 🙂

My client is sattisfied and liked the images.
I learned how to deal with a big project in terms of using render layers and to use the right amount of poly’s.
I also used a renderfarm called Garagefarm for the aerial render, this one was to havy for my pc.

Keep practicing and believe in yourself, never give up!
Jezus loves you and died for you, so you can live.

Kelvin Leusink

Kelvimpression specializes in creating high quality 3D Visuals of all that can be imagined, providing visual support to reach commercial goals.