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OPUS : A Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

OPUS : A Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Pritesh Chavan
August 15, 2016

The Opus is specially designed for people who not only appreciate portable speakers for their audio performance but also for their looks. Wrapped in a stylish sleek housing, the Opus exudes understated sophistication of a well-designed audio instrument that continues to impress - whether it's in the office, at home or a party.
This was a design assignment in Forms II module in IDC School of Design, IIT Mumbai, where I had to design a futuristic Bluetooth Speaker for young enthusiasts. The overall form I had tried to celebrate here, which is unique and different from the typical boxy speaker's forms. With the Speaker and App integration, it looks to re-engage the everyday user with a completely different experience.

This is a design assignment in Forms II module, where I had to design a futuristic Bluetooth Speaker for young enthusiasts. I sketched many ideas which would give it futuristic look but at the same time I wanted it to be very simple. I thought about music and ts attributes like rhythm, flow, its delicacy, its softness & loudness, its connectedness from ear to heart, how it make us feel, how it influence us. For the futuristic look, I had some attributes in mind like spaceship shape, levitation and lights, etc. All these thoughts helped me in ideation as well as the selection of the final concept for the speaker design.
The idea for the App came to me when I and my friends were partying together and everyone wanted to play their favorite songs, but the Bluetooth Speaker that we had could connect to only one mobile phone at a time. How about together we would make a playlist on cloud and speaker would play it one after another. I started working on App design that would be integrated to the speaker. I wanted App design to complement the speaker design too. I drew the UX part of the app on paper and then started designing the interfaces in photoshop.

For 3D modeling of the speaker I used Solidworks and then rendered it in Keyshot. At the beginning, I wanted the top surface to look and feel sleek, elegant. I tried adjusting the curvature many times in the software, made thermocol & PU foam models to actually feel the surface. Then started detailing out the whole speaker. I am very thankful to my lab assistants for helping me make a good prototype.

I got many reviews from friends, Professors, and my family. My college friends, studio assistants, and Professors gave me reviews time to time while sketchings/ ideation, as well as prototyping process and that was very encouraging as they also liked the design. On also the design was well appreciated by the design community and as a designer, it really boosts the confidence to keep doing well in the future. As a student, from this assignment, I learned how different forms with certain shapes, texture, colors and styles can change the perception of a product and how carefully choosing the combinations of all these can give rise to the different products.

PS: The word 'Opus" has two meanings, one, a set of compositions and another, an artistic work. I felt both the meanings fit well to this product, so I named it OPUS.

I would love to hear you feedback on the design or ideas around how it would be meaningful to you. Feel free to reach out.

Pritesh Chavan

I am a young & dynamic designer from Mumbai. I have worked as a UI/UX designer and currently pursuing my masters in Industrial Design from IDC School of Design, IIT Mumbai. I like designing products which not only touch users life but enhances it with great experience.

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  1. The name of this is kinda confusing. I came here looking at info about the Opus audio codec

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