Elderly or disabled people lack the strength to massage themselves, especially for the back that is hard to reach. Oreum solves this problem by allowing them to massage their back by leaning against the product installed on the wall. Body weight is used instead of grip strength, which makes it easy to control the massage strength. The product can also be detached to massage other parts of the body, which requires less strength than hand massage.

My mother had a big surgery and had a hard time recovering. When recovering, she had to get massage sometimes but I couldn't stay around her all day. To solve this problem, I came up with a massage product that you can use by yourself.

I wanted a product that goes well with the other interior products inside the house. As a outcome, Oreum was made like a objet unlike other massage product. Also color, material was used because of the task above, making it look more like a objet.

I used rhino program for 3D looks before making mock-up. It can save time and money using. After the shape is fixed, I made some test mock-up with wood to see it on 1:1 scale. For both body and massage wood part, I used grinder to make the shape I wanted. Hole on the body (where massage wood part is put in) was made using very thin bass wood instead of using CNC. Round circle was cut laser cutting machine and was glued to birch wood. Finally, some holes was made to put in the magnet.

People like the mechanism using the magnet. It made the Oreum have a simple shape and be joined together without any joint parts. Also my mother liked it the best. She is still using this product sometimes by herself. I learned that the best product is a product that can be used, not to be looked.

Jeong ho Ko

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