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Orloj absinth

Orloj absinth

Alexandr Moth
April 21, 2020

Last year two alcohol producers decided to collaborate and craft a new high-quality edition of the absinth. They took a traditional Czech absinth recipe, combined it with the symbol of the capital and new astronomical absinth, called "Orloj", has appeared. It was decided to craft two editions of the beverage: classic (macerated) and golden (distilled) one. My task was to create a product logo, label design and basic visual identity of the product.

The main label is divided into three parts. The first one creates the mood of the label, the second one contains all the technical information and works as a color identifier of the edition. And the last one is the logo block, which connects two parts of the label

The astronomical clock Orloj has very specific details in its construction. These details have become elements of the logo block, connecting the upper and bottom parts of the label.

The main area of the label is dedicated to the topic of the product: an astronomical absinth. Here you can find a wormwood constellation on the starry sky. This metaphor reflects on the discovery of a new product in a universe of absinth competitors. A linear style of the illustration was chosen to support the sense of an astronomical study of the product. Simplicity and minimalism work well for the visual identity of the brand.

The brand visual identity is based on the main label elements. Three main colors (forest green, night violet, and sand cream) create a deep and soft atmosphere of mysticism. The choice of natural and crafted materials emphasizes the premium category of the product.

Alexandr Moth

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