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Oscar Rantes / Business Cards

Oscar Rantes / Business Cards

Apogeo Design Studio
September 8, 2018

When a patient arrives at a psychology office, we can see the confussion inside him. The psychologist job is to help the patient to see the things from other lenses, another point of view, another perspective, improve his mental health and take out bad things off his life.

Confusion and clarity reflected on the card.

In the first instance, you only see circles that seem to have no meaning, but then, when you look at it from another perspective, if the card is slightly inclined, you will see lines that join the points and reveal that everything has a reason, showing the initials of Oscar Rantes, OR.

We analyze the competition, we look for the cards of other psychologists, and how their brands behaved, to create something different and stand out among them.

Then we started to generate ideas, to reflect in a different way the work a psychologist does.

We start with an idea, paper and pencil. We made several sketches and chose the path we wanted to follow.

Once the idea was well developed on paper, it was digitalized using Adobe Illustrator, designing with grids so that the design is accurate and well proportioned.

The design, the finishes and the good material of the cards make people perceive the service of the psychologist as a high quality service, get more customers and improve the perception of his brand.

We learned that an idea represented in a simple, powerful and different way was a great way to stand out.

To present the idea to the client, there were two stages, meetings and presentations with more than 200 slides. The client was delighted.

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