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Our Journey by Dito Santoso

Our Journey by Dito Santoso

Honey Adraque
August 6, 2015
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Our Journey is Dito Santoso's first time project for wedding invitation, and his first client is his sister. He made the wedding invitation designs with pleasure because he wants to see his sister happy as always. Read on and enjoy!

Our journey is the main theme for the wedding.They would like to invite everyone to come to the wedding and be part of their next 'journey'. From a couple and now husband & wife. :)

- Dito Santoso


Actually this inspired from their wedding concept it self and the wedding location. usually when we do traveling to somewhere or any places they have a postcard, so we do execution for invitation “our journey” using a postcard. and for art we take a flower to representative about beauty of wedding and we don’t want to put more complex to show it, just clear message its about “Intan & Akbar” married and I put ornament compass and background in this art to represent the journey, for the colour why its purple because “Masjid Agung At Tin” (the wedding location) have a dome with purple colour and their decoration for wedding using this colour too.

- Dito Santoso



Yes there is a challenge in this project which is finding a nice angle photo for "Masjid Agung At -tin”. Also, there is no revision Alhamdulillah both of them like it. Only minor like a resize the postcard artwork.

- Dito Santoso


About Dito Santoso

Dito Santoso, a graphic designer from Bekasi, Indonesia. Recently, he's working as a Jr. Art Director for a Digital Agency in Malaysia, this opportunity came when he became the finalist in Caraka Festival 2013 Semarang, Indonesia. One of the judges hired him to join his creative team and he accepted it since he wants to learn more about digital agency. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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