“Ours is the Fury” Bedroom

This project is the first of a collection inspired by the color palettes of the Houses of Game of Thrones. Each project will receive the motto of the house as its name, “Ours is the Fury” is the motto of the house Baratheon.
The collection only uses colors and some decorative elements that represent each house, the other concepts are based on elements of contemporary architecture.

I’m a big fan of high fantasy (like Lord of the Rings and GoT), so I end up bringing aspects of these works to my artwork. In the case of this bedroom, I decided to start with the house of Baratheon for identifying me a lot with the color palette and for its motto to be so inspiring.

I worked on this project with Sketchup PRO and Vray 2.5. I accidentally started actually, I did not even plant low to start 3D modeling (which is not very smart rsrs), but I started liking the result and proceeded to the project. I had some problems with rendering because of the depth that I wanted to add in some scenes and I did not like the initial result, the bathroom was also problematic due to the angle of the camera and because I did not like to distort small rooms so they fit in scene. But in the end I started to really like what I was seeing and it was fun to finish.

Overall people liked it, although this project did not have much visibility so far. I certainly learned a lot with this project, I even started to study other techniques to apply in the next scenes of this collection. I want to work with textures better and use newer versions of the software.

David Peres

I am a digital artist focused on photomanipulation and 3d architectural rendering. I carry out works such as book covers, 3d small and large scale architectural projects, images for advertising campaigns, among others. Any ideas in mind? Let’s talk!