Oysho – Web Design Concept by Tomasz Trefler

Web design concept for Oysho, a fashion brand from Spain. I always wanted to do ecommerce project for such a large company witch great products. It’s a form of experiment with a modular grid, regularity and minimalist design coming from Swiss and Bauhaus style.

The main idea behind the project was combining the Swiss and Bauhaus style with a web design e-commerce. Minimalist approach with a great emphasis on geometry and proportions between modules. For example the main font chosen for the project was Brandon Grotesque, which is based on the geometric forms and has a lot of influence from popular fonts in the 1930s and 30s.

– Tomasz Trefler

For the project I used Adobe Photoshop CC.The main challenge was to select the corresponding grid for the project. I decided myself on single module and six modules wide modular grid. Each module in a grid can define a small chunk of information or adjacent modules can be combined to form fields or spatial zones each designated to hold a specific type of information – the challenge was to adapt the content to the modules. Just for the home page design I did 10 revisions. Another important aspect of the project was recreating the character of the Oysho brand. To keep it consistent I spent the hours in reserach, looking through Osyho marketing style – lookbooks, products, campaigns, social media. In the outcome I got a big mood board which was a solid base for the project and keep the creative juices flowing.

– Tomasz Trefler

The reaction for the project was positive and I got really nice comments from the Behance designers which made me happy and I’m thankful for it and this it inspired me to continue my work. What I have learned during this project is that having more control over the grid brings more work on the details.

– Tomasz Trefler

About Tomasz Trefler

Tomasz Terfler is polish UI/UX Designer from Wroclaw, Poland. He started his career as a IT engineer but move to the design over the years. He has over 8 years on the experience in the field as a freelancer and senior graphic designer and has collaborated with agencies and clients from Poland and aboard. Right now his main focus is UI/UX design. If you want to see more of his works, you can visit his personal website or Dribbble and Behance profile.