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Emily Davis
November 14, 2019
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The Global Movement to recognize the inherent rights of Nature has been moving forward with some rapidity since the adoption of certain statutes into the Constitutions of India, New Zealand, Columbia, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Here in the United States, we have seen an exciting leap forward with inherent rights of nature, law statutes emerge in OH, CA, CO, NH, MN, with language such as "free from chemical trespass", being upheld. The rights of the ecosystem and it's social justice will be honored and put before property or corporate interest.

The project came out of a long-time love of the Rainforests, Tribal culture and a direct concern when our current administration pulled out of the Paris Agreements on Climate. The rainforests are considered the lungs of the planet and are a vast reserve of culture, medicine and global ecosystem balancing oxygen.

The Artwork is part of The Nature and Psyche Project. It is lovingly referred to as Non-GMO art, in that it is a direct perception from Nature that has not been adulterated, as much as I love the very awesome software I have for manipulating images. The idea was that the natural whimsical bold colorings and images of Nature would be enough to seduce the senses into falling in love with the planet all over again or at least raise enough of a commotion to raise awareness about the current state of emergency all over the world due to devastation and climate.

I have learned a lot from this project. It began as a short film and has rolled and tumbled itself into an emergent dialogue in the Community at large. Groups such as [Earth in Brackets], which are I believe local to Maine, are calling States of Emergency locally due to Climate change. It is a collection of movements like these that create a great shift in our law-making policies and our overall theoretical paradigm.

I am as usual so thankful for the opportunity to grace these pages and can be found at the Behance website also. Further information on Pachamama law can be found a, and

Emily Davis

Emily Candler Davis is a multi-modal artist (pottery, poetry, bodywork, Pecha Kucha and painting) enjoying photography of an anthroposophic nature at the moment and tries to take photos illustrative of the world's imaginative soul at work. She graduated from Goddard College, who has pieces in Permanent Collection.
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