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Package design | Home Fragrance

Package design | Home Fragrance

Mariane Gondim
October 28, 2021
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Watercolor Illustration development for the boxes + Typographic project

The project was built to be natural, strong, and modern. The target was to think of a design proposal to highlight the entire fragrance collection. So I came up with different patterns in green shades, each box had an exclusive design but with a design collection common sense. Also, the minimal and elegant types make it easier to match any future patterns for the card boxes, even if the client want's something very colorful.

Guache painting + Photoshop + Illustrator

It's all about the presentation!

Mariane Gondim

Passionate designer with over +10years of professional experience. With a multidisciplinary background in creative work, management, and product development processes, pursues conceptualization of unexpected ideas to serve people through the lens of creative thinking. Strongly focused on illustration and pattern graphic design, from graphic to fashion, eager to build communication bridges.

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