The Hungry Hungarian™ a food producer that specialises in Hungarian sausages, decided to spice things up and venture into the Paprika spice market. They had all the ingredients at the ready, except great packaging. Guess who came to the rescue and brought some real heat…

After doing much visual research on platforms like Pinterest etc. I was inspired by great food photography from around the world. The clean and minimalist visual style fit the brand perfectly and so I thought that I would carry that out in the design. Elements like the branding and background carry that theme of simple sophistication, that I hoped to convey. All in all, I think it came across pretty clearly.

My creative process involves 3 stages:

1. DREAM – All great ideas start in the subconscious.
This is where my concepts are conceived.
Born from insight and imagination.

2. DESIGN – Great impressions are hard to come by.
Which is why I ensure that every project
becomes a magnetic invitation to clients.

3. DELIVER – I believe that credibility is the greatest currency.
Results build reputations. And I’ve built mine by
delivering on time – every time.

After applying these principles, I spent about 15% of my time doing research and concepting. Then 25% of my time looking at trends and competitors and finally 60% of my time creating the final designs in Photoshop.

I’ve never designed packaging before, so it was a great learning experience! With 800 appreciations on Behance, the project was very well received! I’ve since learnt that the principles of great design are universal and apply from products to packaging and I will keep contributing to the community.

Hitesh Jinabhai

Former wordsmith / digital marketing (m)ad man. Current web / UI / UX / digital designer. Specialising in creating intuitive interfaces and extraordinary experiences.