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Brandon Lewandowski
February 7, 2018
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This project was one of the first tasks that I worked on at my internship with Anima in Barcelona. I had to conceptualize a lamp for a client that sells lighting fixtures. This particular design focuses on inspirations from pails/buckets that one would see on a beach setting. I implemented a minimal and modern aesthetic to the lamp so that the product can be situated in a variety of environments and living establishments.

This was a project that was brought up from the CEO of the consultancy I worked for. He came up to me with a rough sketch of the idea for this lamp, and I had the freedom to choose specific materials, colours, and the overall styling.

Initially, I took the sketch that my boss gave me and developed a couple of more variations to iron out specific details. Once I got a form that fit the overall vision, I created the lamp on Solidworks. After a couple of changes suggested by my boss, I finalized the design and started to render it through Keysho - I then retouched some of the images through Photoshop.

The boss of the firm seemed to appreciate how I developed his initial vision of a rough sketch, into a full rendered product. So far, this project has gained a little bit of attention on platforms such as Behance, as well as my website portfolio.

Brandon Lewandowski

My name is Brandon Lewandowski, and I am in my final year of the Industrial Design program at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

I love athletics, adventuring, product design, shoe design, architecture, fashion, photography, traveling, and I love facing new challenges. I am an extremely hard worker regardless of the task I am faced with - whether that means design work, school work, or working for an employer. I am a firm believer of perseverance and I will always put my best foot forward in any task that I take on individually or in a designated group.

When I am not doing design work, I spend much of my time seeking new experiences and doing extra-curricular activities that I love. I enjoy staying active as a means of sports, and I love to diversify my knowledge and experiences by accomplishing tasks on my own, or with the assistance of others.

If you are interested in giving me your thoughts on my design work, and if you believe that my style with design is suitable for your company, I'd love to hear back from you.

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