Paint Your Plant

The main propose of this project is to offer an opportunity for people to create their own pattern of the plant. The user can design the shape and route for the plant. It helps people to distribute their pressure because it is not only beneficial for entertainment but also good to re-freash the mind.

This project is aiming at applying plastic for indoor farming. Plastic is easy for manufacture and it enables the user to assemble this product by themselves because there are just a few components so users do not need to equip any background to make this product. PP provides the characteristic of hot resistance because the window will be exposed under the sunlight for a long time.

In the early stage, I applied Solidworks for making the 3D model. When the shape and dimension are fully defined I used Keyshot for 3D rendering. To visualize the layout and concept of Paint Your Plant, Photoshop and Illustrator are used for graphics design.

This project was made for a plastic competition during I was studying at Brunel University London. Paint Your Plant has been considerably changed because I had received the advice from two professors and discussed with 6 classmates. It was beneficial for confirmed the feasibility with professors because the primary idea is more unreality to be manufactured.

Jiansyun Lu