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Painted Wood Self at Erva D'Ouro

Painted Wood Self at Erva D'Ouro

Sofia Alves
January 10, 2020
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This project focused on a new local shop that was undergoing a transformation and renewal, uplifting its image as well as transforming the brand itself, in Campo de Ourique, an old and typical Lisbon neighborhood.
The goal of the project was to recycle and reuse the materials that already existed in the shop whilst adding value to them. One of the pieces already in place was a wooden shelf; hence, part of the project focused on breathing another life onto that wood shelf, thus converting it into a more interesting piece.

This local store was going through some changes and its owner, Joana Lourenço, decided to elevate and reinvent the aesthetics of her space, giving it a cozier, more homely and intimate atmosphere. To do this, the owner only wanted to renovate some of the pre-existing pieces, and not remodel the entire space. To bring together the floral logo, the products sold, and the shop, some common themes were painted around the shop, drawing inspiration from the brand itself.

The wood shelf had its surface repainted with the appropriate materials and paints (wood acrylic paint), with an aesthetic concern to "respect" both the surrounding environment, as well as the neighborhood’s local shops and customers, furthering the cozy, homely sentiment that was one of the goals of the renovations.
The shelf was in perfect condition, which rendered the restoration process very simple. It was cleaned entirely and dried, to make sure the paint had a perfect grip.

The new painting added to the charm and value of the shop. The renewed wooden shelf gained a special status, becoming a statement piece within the shop, and illuminating the place. It is the biggest exhibitor in a small store and so it easily captures the attention of customers.
What this experience taught me is that it is always good to give a second chance to old furniture. It’s the best for you, for your savings and, of course, for the world.

It is important to recognize the value of the things around us and to keep helping them fulfill
their maximum potential, and not just to keep bringing in more and more stuff into our life.
There is always something that can be done to or with an old piece and the best thing is that
its emotional value and its history still remain and add value to it.

Sofia Alves

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