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November 20, 2018
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Glamour, luxury and elegance.
Materials and shapes define PALETTE and explain its content and values. Like the "haute couture", every year Palette has its own collection. Packaging is made from a machined aluminum piece and a sheet of a material that defines its interior. In this case, the wood represents the different shades of blusher and the different types of marble the color of the eyes shadows.

We chose these materials because of the similarity to what we wanted to represent. The wood has many shades, like our skin. Marble exists in many different colors, ideal to represent the eye shadows. And aluminum is an elegant metal and gives sophistication to our product.

The process of design Palette began by drawing and looking for inspiring images. Inspiring images of materials, ambients, us to context our project. Once we had the final objects, we modeled them in 3D and rendered them to obtain the final images.

It is a project that does not need many explanations, speaks for itself and conveys the values ​​we wanted. We like this and we believe in other people too.
Through this project we have learned how materials and textures can speak for themselves.


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