Pam & Audrey’s Doughnuts – One Page Website Concept by Pasquale Laudando

Today’s feature is about a design being created for an online logo contest. The contest is about on creating a logo for a new opening doughnuts shop. Read on and be inspired as we bring you the contest piece designs of Pasquale Laudando, a freelance graphic and web designer based in Naples, Italy. Enjoy!

The first year of ILAS designers school, to earn some money, I used to take part to online logo contests, and “Pam & Audrey’s” identity is the result of one of them. I remember the contest customers, wanted a logo for their new opening donuts shop.

– Pasquale Laudando


It had to be funny, happy and easy to remember. “showing” familiar atmosphere was their goal too. I LOVE logotypes, and that’s what I wanted to do. I started from Pacifico font, one of my favourites ever, and started working and editing it.

– Pasquale Laudando


I made tons of attempts until I found what I thought right. Since I was free in the color choice, I started looking for something warm and familiar, but not just “for kids”. Something powerful and tasty, something you’d like to eat!

– Pasquale Laudando

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I thought I made a pretty good job. Anyway, the contest ended, and I didn’t won. I still liked what I did, so I decided to keep on working. I started to make the cups design, the menu, the business cards and so on. I wanted to make a full branding project, even if it was just a student personal project.

– Pasquale Laudando

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I worked on the website too, trying to reflect the brand style and the communication i made for it. I wanted a feedback, I wanted to know what people thought of my project, so I published the full identity on Behance, and I was so happy in receiving so nice comments and so many appreciations! That’s my “Pam & Audrey’s” story!”

– Pasquale Laudando

About Pasquale Laudando

Pasquale Laudando is a 26 year old freelance graphic and web designer based in Naples, Italy. He attended the Art Institute in high school, where he specialized in hand engraving and old school manual printing. From the end of high school until the age of 23, he worked as personal trainer in various gyms but he felt something was missing so he started studying again graphic design. He attended ILAS designers school and graduated in graphic and web design with the top marks in November 2014. He works as a freelancer but his dream to leave Italy and work in a graphic studio somewhere in the world. He is really an open minded man who always always want to know new people, new cultures and lifestyles. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.