Panama Banana

“Panama Banana” is an outdoor furniture that could be used as a hammock and also as football goal for beach sports. It is a perfect combination for a great day of active relaxation at the beach!
Because of its light weight it can be easily moved. When you want some action you just need to turn it 90 degrees and it can be used as a modern football goal, when you get tired, turn it again and you will get a hammock that is very comfortable because as you lie down your legs slightly go up so they can relax better. Finally, when you want to pack it away, you simply remove the support details and it folds flat.

I wanted to create a furniture for active day at the beach – that is why i combined two things: sport and resting. The design has been inspired by a shape of a surf board so integrates very well with natural beach environment.

It is made by playwood and pink polyester ropes. The combination of natural wood and bright pink color makes interesting combination. Furthermore, the pink ropes give active, sportive feeling at the beach. I have made many models looking for the stable shape, trying different ropes textures, so the whole making process was experimenting.

People response about this project was really positive! Many people liked the combination of relaxation and sport. I learn from this project that if you design something you are really passionate about, you will get a lot of positive response!

Agota Rimsaite

Product designer from Lithuania. I currently study my last year in Vilnius Academy of Arts and mostly I focus on furniture design.
I feel inspired in environment, I observe people, their needs, trends and try to create things to make our environment better, enjoyable!