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Paper Bag Art by Nadia Shervani

Paper Bag Art by Nadia Shervani

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July 9, 2015

Graphic Designer and currently Visual Communication student Nadia Shervani was tasked to experiment with a piece of ephemera of their choice. Nadia chose paper bags. Read on to see what she came up whilst using a paper bag for their school exercise.

One of these projects required us to experiment with a piece of ephemera of our choice. I chose paper bags. I found these disposable items intriguing and initially began to think of ways in which I could recycle them. Initially, I utilised them to make pamphlet style notebooks. But I wanted to experiment with the patterns on the paper bags. By deconstructing the patterns on the paper bags into basic shapes, I chanced upon some intriguing compositions.
-Nadia Shervani



I have to say I was greatly inspired by the works of Yoni Alter, Mark Pawson. I love the use of colour and manipulation of simple silhouettes in Yoni Alter's work. Mark Pawson had conducted a DIY workshop with us in college and I loved how he managed to create postcards and art pieces at home with such a professional level outcome. While creating these designs with paper bags, it was just a process of experimentation, but I began to stumble across some interesting compositions.
-Nadia Shervani




I think the only advice I can possibly give to fellow artists and aspiring artists is to not be afraid to make mistakes. The process of experimenting is one of the most vital stages in design and should never be overlooked or hurried through. Furthermore, never think that any idea is ridiculous. The beauty lies in how you evolve that idea and the journey is what will teach you so much more about yourself as a designer.
-Nadia Shervani

About Nadia Shervani

Nadia Shervani is graphic designer from India. She loves working with colour and I strongly believe that there is beauty in simplicity. She worked at a talent development firm for two and a half years in New Delhi. It was there that her passion for visual communication was reignited by venturing into branding, and publication design. Nadia is currently studying Visual Communication at London College of Communication. She thinks by far the best decision for her as a designer was to attend this course. It enabled her to explore visual language, typography, colour and information design through a set of self-initiated projects. She was able to find her voice as a designer. See more of her work at Behance.

3 comments on “Paper Bag Art by Nadia Shervani”

  1. It's the challenge of art educators to constantly stir the creative pots in their students to produce top-notch artists and designers who think beyond their pots. The act of presenting the mundane and transient to a higher level of aesthetic standards or the mere appreciation of the beauty of a single passing moment brings to mind the Japanese aesthetic of mono no aware 物の哀れ. Shervani, punches it with vivid color reminiscent of a commercialized culture of consumers who flock to a product based on the aesthetics dictated by branding. By no means is her work out-of-the-box but it is indeed a reflection of who we are as a culture of consumers.
    Decades from now, viewers will decide, based on works like Shervani's, how we lived, what we valued and what was achieved during our time based on the choices of ephemera we leave behind.

  2. Those are some nice paper bag art pieces, I like the fact that I can see some known logo's between them, or some know objects! love it

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