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Paradise - Logos Collection 1

Paradise - Logos Collection 1

Islam yehia
December 7, 2018
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Paradise is a shop for selling fishes and birds launched in 2016, they want an iconic logo attractive and colorful to stay in audience mindset, the target audience is a class so they need a creative logo, need the logo to be related of animals specially fishes and birds

i tried to mix the 2 main elements in this shop "fishes and birds" and make an icon contain the 2 elements, so i used the parrot head because its so attractive and colorful and tried to use this colors to make a fish shape inside the parrot head

i used adobe illustrator,
i used circles to make this icon, i am started from drawing a bird head and tried to convert this bird to a parrot because the parrot head is contain a lot of colors, then i tried to use the parrot colors to make a fish from it to reflect the main 2 elements in paradise shop

maybe drawing by circles is a very flexible way to make an elegant logo and this logo was my first logo i made by circles, and the colors Consistency is a very important thing to make a good logo and make your logo success or not

islam yehia

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