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Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes

Armand Habazaj
December 25, 2018
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This was a commissioned fashion editorial from Bindi Model Agency as part of promoting their models. We had the chance of having a collection from the designer Annakiki. Her "I'm an alien" collection was both futuristic and creative and made the job very easy. At the end the editorial been published in "Di Lusso" magazine.

Based on the collection name of the designer we were thinking of an unrecognisable place to look as earth-less as possible and wanted the model's poses to be unusual. Pink and silver were the main colours so I decided to chose clean backgrounds with neutral or matching gamma to not overcome the model and clothes.

On set I used mainly a beautydish as a key light and softbox and reflector on the sides. For the editing process I always rely on Adobe Lightroom to convert the images from RAW and Adobe Photoshop for the rest of the editing.

The feedback from this project has been one of the best. The Annakiki's collection was so beautiful and served as a perfect starting point to build the rest of the project. So yes, what I learned is that choosing the right collaborators is the key part of every editorial.

Armand Habazaj

Studied photography in high school and felt in love with it. Since then it’s been my only profession, occupation and obsession apart from my family. Married with Rosita, who is also a painter and together run Rosita+Armand studio.
My main focus is in fashion, portraits and corporate photography. Food photography recently is becoming interesting to me. Lately my work been published in the second cookbook from Living publishing house.

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